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What Would You Like to See at these Meetings?

Posted on 11 October 2012 by elainehuang

Worries about the world economy, and greater engagement with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as they hold their Annual Meetings in Tokyo are some of the concerns raised by participants at the meetings. Here are a sample of their comments: 

“Roberto Adelardi, Business Development Strategist, Hewlett Packard – Growth Markets Organisation in Washington, USA , said: “We are searching for ways to engage with the (World) Bank to help solve  the challenges that we have throughout the world and to participate more actively addressing the development challenges around the world. So I think that we in the  private sector can have a more active participation in helping to solve the development issues, so (this) is a good opportunity for us.”

Lavea Tupaimatuna Lulai Lavea, chief executive officer of the Ministry of Finance of Samoa, said: “The global (economic) environment is of real concern and a real challenge for us and for everyone. But this meeting allows (me) the opportunity to discuss the issues and more importantly to talk about what kind of strategy, what kind of action we need to implement at the country level, but also how the Bank and IMF and other donor partners can help us at the country level.”

Ntufam Fidel Ugbo, secretary to the commission of National Planning Commission of Nigeria: “We expect that there will be agreement on the major issues that bring initial benefit for both developed and developing countries.”

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