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Agriculture in Rwanda: Ownership, Partnerships and Improving Delivery

Posted on 29 November 2011 by admin

Agnes Matilda Kalibata (PhD)

Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Republic of Rwanda 

As the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea, commences, Rwanda has a chance to convey its way of doing business in an ever-changing aid architecture. The meeting centres on the Paris Declaration, a tool for donors and developing countries to hold each other to account. Continue Reading

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OP-ED: Better Aid Means Better Development

Posted on 01 November 2011 by admin

By Brian Atwood and Jeremy Hobbs*

Cargando con el desarrollo Crédito: Claudius/IPS

Credit: Claudius/IPS

PARIS, Nov 1 (IPS) – Oxfam and major aid donors of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (the DAC) are often on opposite sides of the fence. Today though, we are on the same side —making sure that effective aid lifts people out of poverty.

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OP-ED: Can Busan Forge a New Deal for Africa?

Posted on 15 September 2011 by admin

By Mandeep Tiwana and Netsanet Belay*

JOHANNESBURG, Sep (IPS) — In the hope for a fairer deal on aid for the continent, African leaders are planning to present a unified position at the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) in Busan, South Korea.

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OP-ED: Are We Ready To Meet Today’s Development Challenges?

Posted on 15 September 2011 by admin

By Bert Koenders and Talaat Abdel-Malek*

WASHINGTON, Sep 2011 (IPS) —  The release on September 22 of the report “Aid Effectiveness 2005-2010: Progress in Implementing the Paris Declaration” leads us to ask an important question: Are we any better at delivering aid effectively today than we were five years ago?

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OP-ED: The Threats of the Boom-Bust Cycle

Posted on 15 August 2011 by admin

By Yilmaz Akyuz*

GENEVA, Aug (IPS/South Centre) — As in previous episodes, a key factor in the current boom in capital flows to developing and emerging economies (DEEs) is a sharp cut in interest rates and a rapid expansion of liquidity in the major advanced economies (AEs), notably the United States.

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Q&A: “IBSA is a Beacon for Political Strategising and South-South Cooperation”

Posted on 28 June 2011 by admin

Mario Osava interviews CELSO AMORIM, former foreign minister of Brazil

Celso Amorim

Celso Amorim, one of the founding fathers of IBSA. Credit: Monika Flueckiger/WEF

BRASILIA, 28 Jun (IPS) — Celso Amorim, one of the fathers of the IBSA Forum (India, Brazil, and South Africa) says in this interview that for this alliance of three major emerging powers, “Helping the poorest countries is clearly one of its callings. This gives it both its uniqueness and its international legitimacy.”

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OP-ED: World’s “Least Developed” Countries Must Emerge Too

Posted on 15 May 2011 by admin

By Cheick Sidi Diarra*

UNITED NATIONS, May (IPS) — The remarkable rise of emerging economies has become commonplace in public debates. Yet, not long ago, countries like China, Indonesia, Brazil, and Turkey were considered off-limits by many foreign investors.

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