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Q&A: “We Are Facing the Threat of a Social and Health Catastrophe”

Posted on 25 October 2011 by admin

FabĂ­ola Ortiz interviews Oswaldo Cruz Foundation public health specialist PAULO BUSS*

Health is the result of social equity, says Paulo Buss. Credit:FabĂ­ola Ortiz/IPS

RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct 25, 2011 (TierramĂ©rica) – For Brazilian pediatrician and public health expert Paulo Buss, the worst enemy of health is unemployment. And if unemployment continues to rise, the result will be a global “catastrophe”, he told TierramĂ©rica.

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Around the Globe, Workers Demand Decent Work

Posted on 07 October 2011 by admin

By IPS Correspondents

Thousands of trade unionists march in Barcelona on Oct. 6. Credit:UGT de Catalunya

WASHINGTON, Oct 7, 2011 (IPS) – The modern English word “economy” is derived from the Greek “oikonomia”, meaning “household management”. Continue Reading

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