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Permaculture takes root with the young

Posted on 08 December 2011 by admin

By Andre Marais – Amandla Magazine*

DURBAN, Dec 7 – (TerraViva) At several sites across Southern Africa, school children are learning the principles of permaculture, a set of agricultural techniques which avoids disturbing the soil, instead keeping it covered with mulch to preserve water and fertility. TerraViva encountered a group of these children who were lucky enough to visit the U.N. climate conference along with two of their trainers. Continue Reading

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Agriculture in, say farmers across the globe

Posted on 07 December 2011 by admin

By Henrietta Mongalo – Ngulunews Community Paper*

DURBAN, Dec 7 – (TerraViva) Agriculture is the sector worst affected by climate change and various farmers’ groups are here at the global climate conference in Durban, to make sure that their issues are not left out. Continue Reading

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Download Terraviva PDF File       Download Terraviva PDF File

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