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Tokelau: tiny territory at the talks

Posted on 09 December 2011 by admin

Nukunonu Lagoon, Tokelau

Nukunonu Lagoon, Tokelau. Credit: Cloudsurfer/Wikicommons

By Happy Ntsanwisi – Nthavela Newspaper*

DURBAN, Dec 9 – (TerraViva) The 1,500 people of Tokelau have a top-priority interest in climate talks: the highest point on any of the three atolls that make up their home in the Pacific Ocean is only five metres above sea level. Continue Reading

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What next for Cape Town’s winning stand?

Posted on 08 December 2011 by admin

By Ramatamo wa Matamong and Joseph Bushby – Alex Pioneer / Winelands Echo*

DURBAN, Dec 8 – (TerraViva) After winning the award for best stand at the exposition outside the climate conference, Cape Town’s striking entry is continuing to score big in terms of the number of visitors per day.

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Clean energy … and jobs please!

Posted on 02 December 2011 by admin

By Henrietta Mongalo – Ngulunews Community Paper*

NUMSA Treasurer, Philemon Shiburi

NUMSA's Philemon Shiburi says jobs and development should be protected as renewable energy sources are introduced. Credit: NUMSA

DURBAN, Dec 2 — (TerraViva) South Africa is the continent’s leading producer of greenhouse gases, largely due to generating electricity in coal-fired power stations. The country must replace these polluting plants with clean energy sources, but it must do so with care, says Philemon Shiburi.
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