“We’re Not Finished Yet,” Civil Society Warns

COP15 proved to be a "spectacular failure even according to its own terms," but civil society had "some successes," such as the inclusion of certain issues on the climate agenda, and making the voice of the South heard loud and clear.

History Was Not Made in Copenhagen

There is no Copenhagen climate treaty. History was not made here and no deal was sealed.

No Real Deal, and No Exit

The roof of our house is on fire but our leaders, our economic system and we ourselves are ignoring the alarms and continuing to add more fuel. There are no exit doors in our house; there is nowhere else to go.

Draft Accord Weak on Cuts, Funding

Heads of state and government are working fervently to complete an agreement in Copenhagen, but texts coming out of their midst so far lack details on emissions cuts and long-term funding.

“The Intelligence We Lacked”

World leaders speaking in Copenhagen on Friday, the last day of negotiations for a deal on climate change, retreated into their national positions.


No se hizo historia en Copenhague

19 December 2009

No se hizo historia en Copenhague. Tampoco se selló ningún pacto contra el cambio climático. Tras dos años de intensas negociaciones entre 193 países, rompe los ojos la división entre el mundo rico y el pobre. Los países pobres quieren reducciones drásticas de las emisiones causantes del recalentamiento por parte del mundo industrial, y éste sigue resistiéndose a cortes sustantivos y metas obligatorias. Continue Reading

BANGLADESH: Community-Based Climate Strategies Are Key

19 December 2009

Many countries treat Bangladesh as a country that is so afflicted by calamities that it is incapable of pulling itself out of dire poverty. Yet, it has blazed a trail in drawing up blueprints for community-driven climate adaptation strategies. Continue Reading

“No hemos terminado”, advierte la sociedad civil

19 December 2009

La COP-15 demostró ser un “espectacular fracaso en sus propios términos”, pero la sociedad civil tuvo algunos “éxitos”, como imponer temas en la agenda climática y hacer oír más fuerte la voz el Sur. Continue Reading

Climate Change: Scientific Fact, Not Political Issue

18 December 2009

Politics can only decide on how to handle the phenomenon of climate change. Questioning it or determining any variations in the facts is the exclusive domain of science. Continue Reading

NGOs Getting Ready for Mexico

18 December 2009

Before the outcome of COP 15 has even emerged, Latin American social organisations are already discussing their strategies for the next climate summit, to be held in a year's time in Mexico. Continue Reading

People from Ogaden Region Have Faith in Obama

18 December 2009

While thousands were holding their breath waiting for the U.S. president to work his magic on a deal on climate justice, the Ogaden community in Europe had pinned their hopes on Barack Obama for a very different reason. Continue Reading

Obama Disappoints

18 December 2009

After the highly anticipated arrival in the Danish capital of Obama, who finally made it on the last day of the climate change summit, President Obama failed to impress many, including his fellow heads of state, when he reaffirmed a mediocre U.S. commitment and abruptly left the meeting. Continue Reading

Obama, Aspiring Climate Crusader

18 December 2009

When then-U.S. Vice President Al Gore arrived in Kyoto in 1997, the climate – of both the planet and the climate change debate – was much different. The biggest sign of how this issue has evolved in the 12 years since is the presence of U.S. president and newly-anointed Nobel laureate Barack Obama at Copenhagen's Bella Centre Friday. Continue Reading

Food Security in Bangladesh in Great Peril from Climate Change

18 December 2009

Unless the world comes to its aid, Bangladesh says the vulnerability of its agriculture sector to climate change could spell severe consequences for its millions of people, who stand to lose their main source of livelihood. Continue Reading

Glacial Data Crucial to Combating Climate Change

18 December 2009

People living in the Himalayan region are increasingly confronted by rising temperatures and glaciers melting at an unprecedented rate, threatening their very survival. This much the world already knows. Continue Reading

Desigualdades fatales en el imperio de la ciencia

18 December 2009

“El archipiélago de Japón se hundirá dentro de un año”. El anuncio oficial se produjo tras una violenta erupción del monte Fuji, y luego se multiplicaron los terremotos por todo el país, desafiando al mundo a acoger a 110 millones de personas en pocos meses. Continue Reading

Present Deal Condemns Millions to Misery

18 December 2009

"Rich countries must at least double their pledged emissions cuts in the next 24 hours, abandoning scandalous loopholes including offsetting, and ensure the necessary finance is available,” said Andy Atkin, of Friends of the Earth. Continue Reading

“Canada Is the Dinosaur” at COP 15

17 December 2009

Canada bears a large share of responsibility for any failure to make a breakthrough in reducing greenhouse gas emissions here in Copenhagen, say participants and civil society activists. Continue Reading

Sociedad civil mira hacia México

17 December 2009

Antes de develarse el resultado de la COP-15, organizaciones sociales latinoamericanas discutieron sus estrategias de cara a la próxima cumbre climática, que se celebrará en México en 2010. Continue Reading






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