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Africa Will Not Be Sold

Posted on 16 December 2009 by editor

Mithika Mwenda: 'This is going to create dissent meaning division and then those who are bent in dividing Africa will succeed. We should not fall into that trap.' Credit: Nasseem Ackburally/IPS

Mithika Mwenda: 'This is going to create dissent, and then those who are bent on dividing Africa will succeed.' Credit: Nasseem Ackburally/IPS

Ethiopian president Meles Zenawi was chosen by African leaders to champion a united African position.
But Zenawi has provoked outrage from campaigners by issuing a joint statement with the French president Nicholas Sarkozy that falls well short of the Africa Group’s demands for emissions cuts or  long-term financial commitments to support mitigation, adaptation and other  measures in the developing world.
Nasseem Ackburally interviewed one of those most disappointed by Zenawi’s action, Mithika Mwenda, from the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance.


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Climate Testimony

Posted on 16 December 2009 by editor

Farmers from across Africa share their stories on how climate changes have changed their lives for the worst during Pan African Climate hearings held in Cape Town, South Africa.


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Flood for Climate Justice

Posted on 16 December 2009 by editor

20091216_FloodPodcast_EditedActivists are calling for a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, far beyond what has so far been put on the table by polluters. Joshua Kyalimpa was on the scene for  the Copenhagen Flood for Climate Justice.

Joshua Kyalimpa was there.


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Poland Bags Fossil of the Day Award

Posted on 11 December 2009 by editor

Credit: Climate Action Network

Credit: Climate Action Network

For blocking a proposal to unconditionally upgrade European Union’s carbon targets, Poland won the anti-accolade as Fossil of the Day.
The award is given out daily by the Climate Action Network, a consortium of 450 non-government organisations, to name and shame those whose actions frustrate negotiations for fair deal on climate.

Joshua Kyalimpa reports.


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Angry Mermaid Accuses Corporations of Greenwash

Posted on 09 December 2009 by editor

The iconic mermaid in Copenhagen's harbour is outraged at the role played by corporate lobbies.

The iconic mermaid in Copenhagen's harbour is outraged at the role played by corporate lobbies.

Corporations are being accused of pushing for a weak agreement on climate change.

Their critics accuse them of pushing for measures such as offset credits at the expense of quickly reducing emissions directly.

Civil society organizations including Care Denmark and Friends of the Earth. The environmental organizations have launched a campaign to expose corporations they say are trying to mask their contribution to global warming with green corporate social responsibility programmes.

Joshua Kyalimpa reports from Copenhagen.


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Les jeunes en action à Copenhague

Posted on 08 December 2009 by editor

20091208_QAAmiel_Editedpar Nasseem Ackbarally

Frederick Amiel est un de plus d’une centaine de jeunes venus du monde entier, membres de la regroupement Global Youth Movement, sont à Copenhague pour faire entendre raison aux leaders politiques sur la nécessité de trouver un accord  en vue d’empêcher l’aggravation du réchauffement climatique de la planète. Continue Reading


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African governments struggle to curb industrial water pollution – Zenzele Ndebele reports

Posted on 03 December 2009 by editor


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