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Portraits: Consultancy Firm Gives Advice on CDM, JI

Posted on 10 December 2009 by editor

Irma Lubrecht runs the IR-ON consultancy firm in the Netherlands. Credit: Claudia Ciobanu/IPS

Irma Lubrecht runs the IR-ON consultancy firm in the Netherlands. Credit: Claudia Ciobanu/IPS

Irma Lubrecht runs her own consultancy firm, IR-ON (The Netherlands), giving advice on climate change to certification companies and private developers.

“I have been in the climate change business for 10 years, I am in Copenhagen to see how the carbon market is developing,” she told IPS.

“I just want to see what is the future of Kyoto, and if there is a future, because I am pretty sure the project-based mechanisms will not continue for a long time.”

Lubrecht advises about the feasibility of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects and gives trainings on CDM and JI (Joint Implementation), two of the main mechanisms established by the Kyoto Protocol through which governments and businesses in countries which have to reduce emissions can invest in emission-reduction projects in developing countries and gain carbon credits in return.

“The way it is going now, CDM cannot continue,” she thinks. “It is too small, it costs too much money and involves too many people. And the bureaucratic mechanism behind it produces too many delays.”

“When CDM was born, we thought it was going to save the world. Now, there is so much bias, so much opposition against it,” Lubrecht thinks.

“In my opinion, it is more efficient to have national emission targets which become stricter and stricter every year and also national emissions trading schemes. And I am very much in favor of personal limits to emitting GhG: you get a personal card at the beginning of the year and each time you put gas in your car or book a trip to Turkey, you get charged. People have to understand that we each have to be energy efficient.”

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