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Civil Society Watchdogs Crucial in New Global Order

Posted on 26 August 2010 by editor

By Beatrice Paez

MONTREAL, Canada, Aug 23, 2010 (IPS) – Six hundred delegates from more than 80 countries flocked to Montreal Aug. 20-23 for the CIVICUS World Assembly in search of innovative ways to approach global challenges like poverty and climate change. Continue Reading


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Q&A “Democracy Deficit Is the Biggest Obstacle to Development”

Posted on 25 August 2010 by editor

Ingrid Srinath. Credit:Beatrice Paez/IPS

Beatrice Paez interviews INGRID SRINATH, Secretary-General of CIVICUS

MONTREAL, Canada, Aug 23, 2010 (IPS) – Three scenarios were laid before the delegates here attending the CIVICUS World Assembly, a venue that attracts civil society, donors, government and business leaders from every region of the world. Continue Reading


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Americas Social Forum Calls for Agriculture Based on Solidarity

Posted on 17 August 2010 by admin

Preparing for Fourth Americas Social Forum. Credit:Natalia Ruiz Díaz/IPS

By Natalia Ruiz Díaz

ASUNCION, Aug 13, 2010 (IPS) – Small-scale agriculture based on the principles of solidarity and cooperation is the only way to guarantee food sovereignty in Latin America, said peasant and indigenous activists meeting in the Paraguayan capital this week.
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PERU: Unearthing Victims of the Christmas Massacre

Posted on 16 August 2010 by editor

Approaching the cave where the killers concealed the bodies. Credit:√Āngel P√°ez/IPS

By √Āngel P√°ez

LIMA, Aug 12, 2010 (IPS) – The families of 40 villagers murdered in Peru on Christmas Day in 1984 are camping out next to the eight graves in which their loved ones were buried, to keep watch over the slow, painful process of exhuming the bodies, a task that is being carried out by the public prosecutor’s office.
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MEXICO: Poisonous Pesticides on the Doorstep

Posted on 04 August 2010 by editor

After the chemical explosion in March, protesters from Iz√ļcar blocked the factory, now closed. Credit:Emilio Godoy/IPS

By Emilio Godoy

IZ√öCAR DE MATAMOROS, Mexico, Aug 4, 2010 (IPS) – “People want to get rid of the factory. It has to go. There’s already been an accident,” a taxi driver said on the drive to the pesticide plant belonging to the Agricultura Nacional company in this southern Mexican city. Continue Reading


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