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SOUTH AFRICA: Draft Bill Is ‘A Charter for Rogues’

Posted on 27 October 2010 by admin

A week of action against what activists describe as a Secrecy Bill concluded with a march on parliament. Credit: Davison Makanga/IPS.

By Erna Curry

CAPE TOWN, Oct 27, 2010 (IPS) – A coalition of civil society groups marched to South Africa’s Parliament on Oct. 27 to protest against the draft version of a new Protection of Information Bill. “This bill is a betrayal of all the democratic principles we fought for,” anti-apartheid stalwart Kader Asmal told the crowd.
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SOUTH AFRICA: Community Fears World Cup Will Cause Homelessness

Posted on 05 March 2010 by editor

Charlene Paul and her baby stand in front of her house, next to Athlone Training Stadium, which is to be demolished. Credit:Ann Hellman/IPS

By Ann Hellman

CAPE TOWN, Mar 8, 2010 (IPS) – While South African parliamentarians attended a swanky pre-International Women’s Day celebration at Cape Town’s International Convention Centre, a group of destitute women in decaying Kewtown, just seven miles away, worried about looming homelessness. Continue Reading


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Les défenseurs des droits humains plus fréquemment pris pour cible par les gouvernements

Posted on 22 January 2010 by admin

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. Credit: HRW

Jim Lobe

WASHINGTON, 21 janvier (IPS) – Les gouvernements qui se rendent coupables de violations des droits de l’Homme s’en prennent de plus en plus aux militants indépendants et aux organisations de défense des droits humains. C’est ce qu’indique le dernier rapport annuel de Human Rights Watch (HRW).
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RIGHTS: Defenders Under Sustained Attack Worldwide

Posted on 16 January 2010 by editor

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. Credit: HRW

By Jim Lobe

WASHINGTON, Jan 20, 2010 (IPS) – Abusive governments around the world escalated their attacks against local human rights defenders and other independent monitors during 2009, according to the 2010 edition of Human Rights Watch’s annual ‘World Report’ released here Wednesday.
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