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Free Trade Deals Bait Indian Fishermen

Posted on 02 November 2010 by admin

Peninsular India's seafood abundance attracts fishing fleets and poachers from around the world. Credit: Marine Products Export Development Authority.

Analysis by Ranjit Devraj

NEW DELHI, Nov 2, 2010 (IPS/TerraViva) – A series of bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) is threatening the livelihoods of India’s fishermen on the 8,000 km peninsular coastline – among the longest in the world – and the diets of millions of Indians for whom fish is a cheap source of protein.
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INDIA: Political Stalemate Defines Life in Kashmir

Posted on 01 November 2010 by admin

Kashmir's schools and colleges have been deserted for months now. Credit: Athar Parvaiz/IPS.

By Athar Parvaiz

SRINAGAR, India, Nov 1, 2010 (IPS/TerraViva) – All Shabnam Khan wants is a one-day break in the ongoing strike, so that her daughter can try her luck and get admission in a topnotch school here in the capital of Indian- administered Kashmir.
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