Thousands Pledge Support for People of Egypt and Tunisia

Posted on 11 February 2011 by admin

By Thandi Winston

DAKAR, Feb 11 (TerraViva) – Delegates attending the WSF in Dakar have affirmed their support and active solidarity with the people of Tunisia, Egypt and the Arab world.

Protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Credit: Mohamed Omer/IPS

Protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Credit: Mohamed Omer/IPS

The social movement assembly of the World Social Forum adopted a declaration that said “the Arab world has risen up to the demand a true democracy and build the people’s power.

“Their struggles are lighting the path to another world, free from oppression and exploitation,” the statement reads.

“Inspired by the struggles of the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt, we call for March 20th to be made a day of international solidarity with the uprisings of the Arab and African people, whose advance supports the struggles of all peoples.”

Thousands of delegates attended the assembly at the main venue at Cheikh Anta Diop University. Loud applause broke out as the statement was read out.

Some delegates had expressed concerned that the events in North Africa were not granted enough time for discussion time at the Forum. Others said the assembly’s statement goes a long way in showing solidarity to the people of Tunisia and Egypt.

Following the reading out of the statement, Mamdouh Habashi, an Egyptian activist who had spent several days at the focal point of the Egyptian protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square just before coming to Dakar, addressed the assembly.

“The revolution is not yet over. Mubarak is still in power,” he said.

Habashi said the “people of Egypt are at war with the imperialists and need the support of the African people and the world”. Change in Egypt, he said, is an earthquake taking place that will change the world. He underlined that pressure must be put on countries that still supported Mubarak.

Picking up the theme, Habashi’s fellow Egyptian and activist, the public intellectual Samir Amin, echoed these sentiments but urged activists to find ways to offer effective solidarity.

“It is not enough to show solidarity with the people of Egypt, we have to also change the U.S. and other powers. It is only through doing this that we can truly help the people of Egypt.”

When she took the floor, feminist and activist Pumi Mtetwa said the social movements of South Africa and Southern Africa also support the people of Egypt and Tunisia.

“Unity in struggle and struggle in unity,” she declared. “We pledge our solidarity to the people and support the assembly’s declaration”.

Habiya Sheg from Algeria said, “The people of Egypt have taken the decision [to resist] and will not go back and this is about political sovereignty.”

Thousands of delegates have been urged to support a march on the Egyptian embassy in Dakar at the end of the WSF’s final proceedings.



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  1. Katiso Mefi Says:

    It is obvious that nothing ill social will forever stay. The Egyptians are fighting for their long oppressed developmental strategies to social stability and sustainability. They maverlled the socio-political revolution, this has made every corrupt African government to beware of the conscequences caused by their anti-social doctrines of nepotism politics. I hope Mtetwa is very serious because this new millenium era-revolution means the blacks must stay strong together without blood. Sourthen Africa is a very good example of the likely recent revolutions in the North Africa. Let’s believe in togetherness, “kopano ke matla”, Unity is the Power.

  2. Katiso Mefi Says:

    South Africa is still better, these British ex-colonies, they experience trauma, only the few are sharing the nation’s resources. In the Sourthen Africa, the governments propose for revolution through their doctrines of corruption, nepotism, incompetence, disrespect for peoples,crippling the pride for African life and I hope the governments have seen it all. This kind of revolution is a sign that maybe Africa will be better place, since those who don’t love their countries are soon to follow Mubarak.

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