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We, who are all Ingrid

25 de diciembre de 2007

Women’s Mandate: The only unmovable thing is Life

We, the women of Colombia, the women of the world, who know about waiting and loneliness, love and distances, stories and forgetfulness

Declare ourselves in a state of humanitarian emergency:

We are convinced that, above and beyond ideologies and political posturing, legal arguments and legislative schedules, this country deserves to privilege life, embraces, and coming together.

We are convinced that it is possible and urgent to reach humanitarian agreements, which are facilitated by the fact that the heart and history can no longer put up with any more intransigence and stubbornness. (Versión en español) (English version follows)

Our hair is falling out

We are losing strength

Our courage is drawn out into long tresses.

We go on being rebels

We go back to our mothers

We claim our Motherland.

We feel your gaze, we recognize your gestures, your hands, and the image of your silence as a feminine call to a hardened, indifferent country, in urgent need of maternal authority. Your womanly word moves us to the core, you take us to the heart and authority of mother, you remind us that it is not hard hearts, harsh voices, or abuse that can change a country.

We, who are all Ingrid, hereby present before the government and the insurgents, before the families and organizations, before friendly countries, the Church, Congress and those in power, the following:


Let the sovereignty of this country mean that each Colombian man or woman be able to hold unimpeded the right to life, to its embrace, the right to see their sons and daughters grow, the right to bury their loved ones, the right to return to liberty, the right to peace.

Let everyone do their part, to facilitate and nourish life and hope. Let not a minute be lost, let there be no rest for this longing to recover the humanity we deserve.

Let Piedad Córdoba, who made considerable advances with our sister nation of Venezuela on the road to an agreement, go on fulfilling the mandate of the families of the hostages, a mandate we now make our own.

Let the insurgents and the government remember their duty to honor and defend life and recover the ability to discern, and to return to serenity and generosity, for Colombia has a right to a political negotiation of the conflict.

We invite countries like France, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and any other sister nations around the world to help us reach a humanitarian agreement.

We suggest that you print out this text and place it in a prominent place. Distribute it to your contacts at home and abroad. Sign it and send it to the Colombian government, to Senator, and to the blog:

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