Italian Women – The Horror

Posted on September 10, 2009.

Guest blogger: Miren Gutierrez, IPS editor-in-chief

Have you seen the Italian documentary Il corpo delle donne (available with English subtitles)?

It is horrifying, like a horror movie.

“Women –real women— are an endangered species on television, one that is being replaced by a grotesque, vulgar and humiliating representation,” says an introduction to the documentary by Lorella Zanardo.
This picture shows a woman hanged from the ceiling, like a ham, surrounded by legs of ham. This and other images, taken from real TV shows, speak for themselves.

Il corpo delle donne is a 25-minute terrifying documentary that undresses the degradation of women in Italian television.

“This led us to select television images that share a common manipulative exploitation of the woman’s body, to let people know what is happening –not only people who never watch television, but especially those who watch it but ‘don’t see’,” says the introduction.

Why aren’t women, and men, rallying against this treatment?

Link with Il Corpo delle Donne in Facebook.

  • Jeff Atkinson

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  • lorella zanardo

    Thank you for your interest. i am the author of IL CORPO DELLE DONNE. WOMEN BODIES. Since we decide to put our video on our website http://www.ilcorpodelledonne,com we had more than 250thousand people. Italian women are starting to react to the humiliation of women made by the italian tv.

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  • Miren Gutierrez

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  • Tiger Balm

    I think that is just very stupid and sexist. Cannot understand why people would resort to that

  • ecantarow

    How depressing for a feminist in her 60s who was in the US women’s movement of the late 60s, to see this! There were campaigns against such ads back in the day. Not to mention the global realities about what most women in the world suffer.

  • ecantarow

    PS I write about international politics (serious, depressing) learned about your blog on another blog-site, and came right over. Love your title (”Gender Masala”) AND the condom ads really made my evening.