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Background information on the Establishment of the International Criminal Court

MALAYSIA: Independence is Key to Global Criminal Court

RIGHTS: Plea For An Effective International Criminal Court

RIGHTS: Brackets Surround Proposed ICC Statute

RIGHTS-UN: Can Criminal Court Survive Without United States?

RIGHTS-UN: Protests Over Pentagon Lobbying on ICC

CHILDREN: Deployment of Children a War Crime, Says UNICEF

RIGHTS: Gender Perspective Needed in World Criminal Court

RIGHTS: Progress Slow on Formation of Intl. Criminal Court

RIGHTS-UN: Victims Need Justice from ICC, Say NGOs

RIGHTS: US Proposal Could Hurt Criminal Court, NGOs Warn

RIGHTS: International Justice needed for ''Comfort Women''

RIGHTS-UN: ICC and its Power of Prosecution

RIGHTS-UN: US Believed Ready to Shift Stance on Criminal Court

Useful Links

NGO Coalition for an International Criminal Court: NGO provider of online information about the proposed permanent International Criminal Court.

United Nations Conference of Plenipotentiares on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court : UN Site

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