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2nd July 1998

Who's Obstructionist? Arabs Ask

ROME.  In recent days, critics have consistently hurled one particular charge at Arab governments attending the Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC): that they are "obstructionist" and intent on derailing the talks in Rome with constant revisions and amendments.

Support Shapes Up for Initial UN Funding

ROME.  The majority of governments participating in the debate over funding for the International Criminal Court (ICC) would like the Court's costs to fall either partly or wholly within the United Nations budgetary system, debates in recent days have made clear.

Movement on Admissibility Comes Slowly

ROME.  Governments are slowly coming around to agree on language on when cases by the International Criminal Court (ICC) are admissible - but there remain significant hurdles before those few passages are finished, said John Holmes, coordinator of the working group on admissibility.

Spain: Time Running Out

ROME.  The Conference negotiations are proceeding in a "businesslike" manner and without too much polemics, but time is running out for a fruitful result, Spain's chief-delegate, Juan Yez-Barnuevo, warned Wednesday.

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