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3rd July 1998

Statute Mired in Political Minefields

ICC Part 2 Shaping Up?

ROME.  When 159 governments gathered in Rome in mid-July to negotiate the details of an International Criminal Court (ICC), they all stated their commitments to create that body by the end of a five-week conference - a promise whose fulfillment seems dimmer with every passing day.

A Conference of Difficulty, France Says

ROME.  Just over halfway through the conference, negotiations on major issues in the statute creating the International Criminal Court (ICC) remain thorny and much of that stems from the fact that setting up the tribunal is an novel, difficult exercise, a French official said Thursday.

Burundi: Council Inaction on Genocide Shows Poor Record

ROME.  Many governments opposed to any UN Security Council control over an International Criminal Court (ICC) cite the idea that the 15-nation UN organ is primarily political, not legal. 

Obstructionism is good (Column)

ROME.  "It's unfair, all this noise," minister Sjaamvd Lonalon, chief delegate of the Moonlight Islands, told me in the packed and smoky coolness of the Polish Room, while puffing on a Cuban cigar.

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