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6th July 1998

Austria: Success Hinges on Political Will, Hard Work

ROME.  The Rome conference will be a success if it musters the political will to tackle the main problems, and harnesses the technical skills needed to solve the remaining issues. "Political will can be achieved in one hour" and the rest is plain hard work, Austria, the new president of the European Union, warned Friday.

Wanted: An End to Inertia on Human Rights

ROME.   "I can't remember the exact number of soldiers who raped me, because I lost consciousness, but I was told there were about twelve of them. After it hapened, I was very ill, but there was no medical help. When the war ended, I received some treatment, but I am still very ill - I have been told that I am HIV positive."

Indict Zedillo First, Protesters Demand

ROME.  A day after a delegate complained to TerraViva that there were no NGO demonstrations in this Conference, some 50 members of the Italian association Ya Basta gathered in the entrance of the FAO building Friday noon, demanding that Mexico's President Ernesto Zedillo be the first person to be indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Victims must be Court's Top Priority

ROME.  For all the legal and political debates in the Rome conference, the main priority in the negotiations creating an International Criminal Court (ICC) should be the victims of human rights violations, an official with the International Tribunal for Crimes in the former Yugoslavia (ITCY).

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