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7th July 1998

Canada Floats Compromise

ROME.  Diplomats at the Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC) have increased both their hopes and their worries now that a group of some 30 nations is developing what should be the core elements of any package deal on the Court.

ICC, a Legal Obstacle Course

ROME.  Profound differences of opinion on key issues affecting the role, functions and financing of a future International Criminal Court (ICC), as negotiations enter the critical last two weeks, are worrying legal experts and human rights activists.

Deal on Crimes vs Humanity Emerging

ROME.  A compromise by Canada that would allow the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute "widespread or systematic" attacks is one of many promising signs that agreement can be forged to define the Court's core crimes, Italian officials say.

Commentary: (Dis)order and the Court

ROME.  We have yet to make our way out of this politico-legal maze called the Conference on an International Criminal Court (ICC) is, but the last few weeks have underlined two trends in the search for a workable court.

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