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8th July 1998

Speak Now (or forever hold your peace)

ROME.  Delegations at the Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC) face a task Wednesday that is both easy and difficult: paring down a narrowing series of options on the Court's jurisdiction and powers into an acceptable compromise package.

African States Wavering, NGOS Complain

ROME.  African rights groups are pushing their governments to maintain a firm stance for the independence of an International Criminal Court (ICC) and its prosecutor, as delegates work to forge major compromises on the Court's jurisdiction and powers.

Alternative Justice for 'Comfort Women' in 2000

ROME.  Denied attention by the Tokyo Tribunal more than half a century ago, hundreds of thousands of East Asian 'comfort women' may yet get some justice through a war crimes tribunal that activists are planning to hold in December 2000.

Exert leadership, Italy told

ROME.  As the host country, Italy must apply more of its political and diplomatic weight to ensure a successful outcome of the International Criminal Court conference, said an appeal led by the non-governmental organisation 'No PeaceWithout Justice' as negotiations entered their most difficult phase Tuesday.

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