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9th July 1998

ICC Mantra: No Time

ROME.  Time - the "lack" of it invoked repeatedly by delegations - acquired a decisive weight Wednesday in determining the outcome of the Rome conference on the establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC).

Women See Conference Going Downhill

ROME.  Women's groups are painting a bleak picture of the state of play at the Conference, saying negotiations at this crucial stage are chipping away at past gains made in the area of human rights.

Annan: Faster, Faster

ROME.  United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan reminded the Conference that "time is running short" for solving unresolved questions, in a letter sent Wednesday to the Conference president, Giovanni Conso.

Conso: We Need 38 Votes

ROME.  The like-minded states are short of 38 votes to achieve the minimum support needed to establish a strong and independent International Criminal Court (ICC), the Conference president, Giovanni Conso, said in an interview with the Roman daily 'Il Corriere della Sera' Wednesday.

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