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10th July 1998

What a Letdown!

ROME.  Confusion, anger, disappointment. This was how non-governmental organisations (NGOs) reacted Thursday to US Ambassador David Scheffer's proposals for the International Criminal Court - after weeks of expecting that the United States would moderate its opposition to provisions they had deemed pillars of a strong tribunal.

US Lays Down its Cards

ROME.  The US government laid down its cards on many of the major disputes surrounding the International Criminal Court (ICC), but a few surprises in the Thursday speech by US Ambassador David Scheffer are causing other governments to examine their own hands nervously.

Setting the Record Straight

Commentary By Jerome J. Shestack and David Stoelting

ROME.  This summer, more than 150 governments have assembled in Rome for a historic diplomatic conference to draft a treaty creating the world's first permanent international criminal court (ICC). The ICC will try individuals accused of the most serious international crimes: genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The United States in principle favors the creation of the ICC and has dispatched a sizable delegation to Rome to thrash out the details.

Friday Musings: Two Commas for One Colon

ROME.  It's late evening, Friday next week. I'm sitting with my friend, minister Sjaamvd Lonalon, of the Moonlight Islands, in the Polish Room, assessing the results of the just-finished International Criminal Court conference.

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