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15th July 1998

High Noon

ROME.  Like the lone sheriff in a classic Western, chairman Philippe Kirsch is conducting a desperate but determined search for a critical number of deputies to back his attempt to gather support for a compromise Statute for an International Criminal Court (ICC) before the Wednesday "high noon" deadline of sorts, set for the Committee of the Whole to complete its work.

Where are decisions being made?

ROME.  "There is a problem of transparency regarding the package that will be presented to delegations" by the chairman of the Committee of the Whole, Spain's chief delegate, Juan Yañez-Barnuevo, complained in an interview Tuesday.

Torch-light March 'We'll Stop Clock  if Needed'

ROME.  More than a thousand people staged a vivid display of support for international justice and the creation of an independent, effective and fair International Criminal Court (ICC) Tuesday evening at a Torch-light March, held along at the 'Sacred Way' at the Roman Forum.

Niceties Give Way to 'Nyets'

ROME.  Legal experts and diplomats have had their heyday during the past four weeks of the International Criminal Court (ICC) conference, a delegate said, but ''now it's the turn of foreign ministers". So far, they have been conspicuous by their absence in Rome, this being a ''United Nations diplomatic conference''. But nothing promises to move ahead without their express consent, as the conference entered a ''critical phase'' Tuesday.

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