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16th June 1998

Annan Throws Down Gauntlet

ROME, 16 June.  UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan kicked off the five-week meetings here by calling on all nations to create as strong and as credible an International Criminal Court (ICC) as possible - even if not every nation immediately accepts the results.

Remember Cambodia, Australia's Downer Says

ROME, june 16. When Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer leaves this week's opening session of the International Criminal Court (ICC) conference, he will attend a meeting to help one of the countries which he believes could most have benefited from the Court: Cambodia.

As ICC Meet Starts, NATO Flexes Muscle on Kosovo

ROME,  16 June. Even as delegates gathered Monday for the opening of meetings to create an International Criminal Court (ICC), NATO planes roared into action on the eastern Italian air base at Aviano to respond to signs of impending atrocities in Yugoslavia.

Africa Speaks Strongly for Court

ROME, 16 June. African diplomats are quickly taking a lead position in pushing for an International Criminal Court (ICC) with a significant degree of independence from great powers.

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