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16th July 1998

A Tale of Two Courts

ROME.  In view of the obvious risks in the negotiations, a group of countries appeared Wednesday to be fleshing out a complex and rather uncomfortable third option - based on the model set by the Law of the Sea negotiations - to ensure a successful outcome of the Rome Conference for an International Criminal Court (ICC), diplomatic sources said.

India, a Headache for its Allies

ROME.  India may have been able to force its way into the exclusive club of nuclear powers, but its delegation to the Conference on the International Criminal Court (ICC) appears to be having a rather tough time.

US Speak More Softly

ROME.  With a day left to reach a general agreement on a statute creating an International Criminal Court (ICC), U.S. foreign policymakers swung into a two-pronged action Wednesday: dangling the benefits of an American-supported Court while, on the flipside, signaling the 'dire' consequences of not having the U.S. on board.

Sweet and Sour

ROME.  NGO representatives reacted critically to the US' seemingly conciliatory stand as presented Wednesday by David Scheffer, while Italy's alternate chief delegate Umberto Leanza found it "positive".

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