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17th June 1998

China Scuttles NGO Meet on Child Victims

ROME.   The two faces of modern China were on view here Tuesday as Chinese delegates offered fulsome - if qualified - support for an International Criminal Court (ICC), at the same time as Beijing blocked the holding of a UN press conference by children's advocates.

US: Go for Real, not Ideal, Court

WASHINGTON.  The U.S. State Department insists that the authority of the United Nations Security Council not be undermined in any treaty establishing a permanent International Criminal Court (ICC).

US Stance Contradictory, former UN Prosecutor Says

ROME.  Justice Richard Goldstone, former prosecutor for the UN war crimes tribunals dealing with Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, sharply criticised the White House's stance that a strong, independent International Criminal Court (ICC) could hinder US peacekeeping efforts worldwide.

India Blasts Special Treatment for Security Council

ROME.  India, already under fire for conducting nuclear tests in May, advanced one more step on Tuesday in making foes out of the world's most powerful countries.

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