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17th July 1998

Free For All

ROME.  If Thursday was an indication of how things stand regarding the Statute for an International Criminal Court (ICC), then the word 'failure' would probably  be the best description for it - as several journalists already reported to their magazines and newspapers back home.

Kirsch's Gamble

A look at the latest draft of the proposed ICC Statute, released late Thursday

Ferencz: What kind of world do we want?

ROME. When government delegations here pack their bags for home, they ought to ask themselves if they helped shut the door to genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity - or opened it even wider.

India Thumbs Nose at 'European' Court

ROME. Having eaten the forbidden apple of nuclear tests in May, India is now experiencing life in  the harsh world outside the Garden of Eden. New Delhi's delegates - attending the first global conference since the country associated with the apostle of peace Mahatma Gandhi and the champion of disarmament Jawaharlal Nehru forced its way into the nuclear club - are finding themselves increasingly isolated in the international arena.

Friday Musings

True Justice

ROME. A new international group has been circulating among delegates a strong letter of encouragement for their remarkable political achievements at the Rome Conference so far, the chief delegate of the Moonlight Islands confided to me.


Where Different Ends Meet

ROMEMaybe 'resignation' is the word to define the state of mind that prevails among exhausted delegations at the end of the Rome Conference. This is because the result is way below the expectations of many "like-minded" governments' and non-governmental organisations. Yet, it is much more than what sceptics and foes of the Court had wanted to see.

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