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18th June 1998

Compromise Shaping Up? US Mutes Stance on Council's Power

ROME.  In an otherwise tough speech about the need for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to not "operate in a political vacuum", US Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson downplayed what has been for months Washington's insistence on Security Council control over the court.

US in a Bind Over Terrorism

ROME.  The United States has long upheld its reputation as a nation that is tough on terrorism - but that effort, surprisingly, might contribute to US resistance against the inclusion of terrorism on the agenda of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Human Rights Watch Seeks Wider Scope for War Crimes

ROME.  The list of crimes against humanity and war crimes to be put on the International Criminal Court's (ICC's) docket must be expanded to include the slave trade, excessive casualties caused by military campaigns, hostage-taking or the starvation of civilians, Human Rights Watch (HRW) argues in a new report.

Italy Outlines Shape of Strong Court

ROME.  Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini spelled out Wednesday the shape of an effective International Criminal Court (ICC): it should complement national legal systems, have a "balanced" relationship with the UN Security Council, and exercise universal jurisdiction over core crimes.

Madres Thrown Out After Disrupting Argentina Speech

ROME.  A stonefaced Justice Minister Raul Enrique Castillo of Argentina had no choice but to stop and listen from the Plenary podium Wednesday afternoon, as furious mothers of Plaza de Mayo shouted against him and his government.

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