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18th July 1998

And They Took It

ROME. Four days after Chairman Philippe Kirsch signaled a 'take it or leave it' package, governments gathered in Rome decided to 'take it'. And this came after less than a second of disbelief at FAO's Red Room, Friday evening.

NGOs disappointed…but happy

ROME. Most non-governmental organisations (NGOs) had expressed disappontment over the text presented Friday by chairman Philippe Kirsch, but at the same time could not hide their satisfaction over arriving at the stage where a final decision has been made and a binding legal instrument approved.

A Step Toward Global Governance

ROME. Yet another step toward global governance was taken when the Rome conference adopted the statute for an International Criminal Court (ICC) shortly before Friday midnight.

US, the Lone Ranger

ROME. The approval of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Statute in Rome is probably the most important diplomatic defeat for the United States since it became the world's sole superpower in 1991.

Women Withhold Final Verdict

ROME. The Women's Caucus judged the ICC Statute a "limited" achievement for gender justice, echoing doubts by other activists that it contains a number of large loopholes that will make it difficult for perpetrators of core crimes to be brought to justice.

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