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19th June 1998

Clamour Rises for Court to Step into Internal Conflicts

ROME.  The appearance by Bosnian and Haitian officials before delegates at the International Criminal Court (ICC) conference Thursday put the spotlight on internal conflicts, a subject whose inclusion in the Court's docket remains in dispute.

UNICEF Wants Recruitment of Children Criminalised

ROME.  The involvement of children in gruesome wars, from Uganda to Sri Lanka, could prod nations deciding the shape of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to criminalise the recruitment of soldiers below the age of 18, officials of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) contend.

European Parliament: No Compromise on Principles

STRASBOURG. The European Parliament adopted Thursday a unanimous resolution calling on European Union member states at the Rome conference ''to be active in ensuring a successful outcome, i.e. an effective International Criminal Court and not to compromise on essential points of principle in efforts to conciliate reluctant states."

Court Must Act on Rape as a War Weapon

ROME. Rape has been officially listed as a war crime since the end of World War I, but that has not stopped combatants from using sexual violence as a weapon in conflict, rights campaigner Indai Lourdes Sajor told the Plenary Thursday

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