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22nd June 1998

Alliances Cut Through North-South Divide

ROME. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC) is what has not happened. 

South Korea Floats Compromise on Jurisdiction

Delegates spent much of Friday haggling over whether the International Criminal Court (ICC) will have the inherent ability to try genocide and other core crimes, with or without the consent of interested states, or would require the consent of several types of involved states.

ICC Should Crack Whip on Systematic Abuse of Children

The use of children in combat or in support of war operations must be included in crimes against humanity in the statute creating an International Criminal Court (ICC), because youngsters have been among the biggest victims of war crimes.

Increasingly, Washington an Isolated Voice

In many ways, Bill Richardson's last speech as US ambassador to the United Nations before the announcement of his new posting as energy secretary typified Washington's UN dilemma: He stood alone, defending US interests in words few diplomats wanted to hear.

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