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23rd June 1998

Momentum Builds Behind Powerful Prosecutor

A growing number of nations is supportive of an 'ex officio' prosecutor who can initiate proceedings on his or her initiative, according to delegates and NGOs following the negotiations for an International Criminal Court (ICC) this week.

As Second Week Begins, Outline of Workable Court Looms

The outline of a workable International Criminal Court appears to be emerging as the Rome negotiations enter their second week, said Bill Pace of the NGO Coalition for an ICC.

US, Cuba Thumb Down Compromise on Jurisdiction

The United States on Monday made clear that it rejects compromise efforts by Germany and South Korea to widen the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) beyond its signatories.

Court would have been Lifeline for Afghan Women

If a gender-sensitive International Criminal Court had existed in the past, war crimes suffered committed against Afghan women by combatants during the former Soviet Union's occupation of their country and the violation of rights by the Taliban would not have been possible, Zieba Shorish-Shamley, director of the Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan said Monday.

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