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25th June 1998

Cuba: Make Economic Blockades  "Crimes Against Humanity"

ROME.  The Cuban delegation has introduced a proposal to make "inhuman acts" like economic blockades among the crimes against humanity that an International Criminal Court (ICC) would be able to act on.

Yes, Size Does Matter

ROME. Smaller delegations to the Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC) are finding that, as meetings grind on, the arduous pace of negotiations is favouring their larger counterparts.

Gender Concerns Drowned Out in Men's Club

ROME. Wednesday's launching in Sweden of a handbook on women in Parliament coincides with the quiet but determined struggle taking place in the negotiating table of the Conference regarding the the inclusion of a gender perspective in the ICC statute.

Court should give damages to victims

ROME. The International Criminal Court (ICC) should have a mechanism that would allow it to seize property from convicted perpetrators of war crimes and use it to award reparations to victims, say the women's caucus and groups lobbying for victims' rights.

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