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26th June 1998

Non-Aligned Nations Target Nukes

ROME.  The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is gearing up for a fight to include nuclear weapons on any list of prohibited weapons, the use of which would constitute a crime under the International Criminal Court (ICC) Statute.

Trinidad in a Spot over Death Penalty

ROME.  With drug trafficking and brutal murders on the rise in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago - among other nations - has a special worry on its hands here: how to support a global court that could try the worst crimes, but would not apply the death penalty.

After ICC, How About a Green Court?

ROME.  Green activists want an international court for the environment set up in the year 2000 to protect global resources and punish abuses of the environment as violations of human rights.

Lawyers' Committee Blasts US Paper

ROME.  The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights responded to US criticism of a strongly independent prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) with a counter-attack accusing Washington of using incorrect facts and bad history.

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