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29th June 1998

Migrants' Rights Nowhere on ICC Agenda

ROME.  Discussions on the International Criminal Court (ICC) have largely glossed over the violations of migrants' rights when they are a common occurrence in many parts of the world, not least in Asian countries like Japan, activists here say.

Get Tougher on Torture, Say Activists

ROME.  The evolution of UN approaches toward torture over the past several decades underscores both how much attention is finally being paid to the subject, and how far nations still have to go to combat the use of torture, activists say.

Erring Firms May be Hauled to ICC

ROME.  France and several other nations are pushing ahead with language for the International Criminal Court (ICC) draft statute which would make corporations liable for any involvement in war crimes committed on their behalf by their controlling officers.

Holy See for Confidentiality

ROME.  The Vatican, which has its own relatively large delegation at the International Criminal Court (ICC) conference, is pushing for the Court to preserve certain confidentiality privileges, including those affecting priests and their penitents.

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