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30th June 1998

Rights Groups Fear Death By a Thousand Cuts

ROME.  In some ways, the Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court (ICC) is going smoothly: there have been no derailments, no walk-outs by angry delegations and no deal-breaking controversies. But in other ways, some delegations and human rights groups worry, the conference is pushing ahead without actually getting anywhere.

Africa Pushing Gender Concerns

ROME. African governments are pushing ahead to embrace key goals on gender-based representation at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and on combatting gender-based violence, according to one Nigerian rights activist.

Germany: Aggression May Get Dropped From Statute

ROME. Some countries' "very restrictive approach" and "over-emphasis on sovereignty" are posing "serious risks" to a positive outcome of the Rome conference creating an International Criminal Court (ICC), according to Hans-Peter Kaul, Germany's acting chief delegate.

Balance Sought in ICC's Power in Internal Conflict

ROME. Many governments may fret about an ICC able to stick its nose into what they consider national affairs, but such a power is crucial to ensure that the international community is not left sitting idly by when "internal" crises and violations of human rights unfold.

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