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May 7th, 2010
IPS Director General, Mario Lubetkin, presenting the research.

IPS Director General, Mario Lubetkin, presenting the publication.

Barcelona, A study of nine mainstream Spanish, French and British newspapers released on 6 May reveals that only 3.5 % of their content is devoted to news about development co-operation. The research was carried out by the journalism department at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in partnership with IPS and the Spanish Agency for International Development Co-operation, AECID.

The most popular themes for news coverage about development co-operation are governance and democracy (31%), environmental protection (21.9%) and global governance (18.2%), representing over 70% of the total. In terms of journalistic genre, the research found that 80% were news articles and 20% were editorials. However, front page coverage is proportionally greater in the newspapers analysed (up to 4.8%) when compared to the general content average (3.5%). The front page coverage skews towards humanitarian aid during catastrophes, environmental protection and global governance

In geographic terms, news published in the leading newspapers of the country were not always proportionally related to the regions receiving most of the government’s official development aid. It is also worth highlighting that articles with a critical view on cooperation or development aid represent a mere 3.2% of the total of journalistic pieces on cooperation.

Audience overview.

Audience overview.

The research focused on news published in nine of Europe’s leading newspapers, three of which are Spanish (ABC, El Pais and La Vanguardia), three French (Le Figaro, Le Monde and Liberation) and three British (the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and the Times). These newspapers have different editorial lines – from centre-right to left. As well as some differences between countries, the research showed that centre-left newspapers are more inclined to offer front page coverage of international development cooperation.

The Spanish edition of the research can be accessed at: “La Prensa y La Cooperación Internacional

In the press (Spanish and English):

El 3,5% de noticias en periódicos españoles tratan sobre cooperación

La información sobre cooperación para el desarrollo ocupa tan solo un 3,5% del contenido total de la prensa europea

Information on development cooperation occupies 3.5 percent of the contents of European newspapers

Left to Right: Miguel Angel Villena (AECID), Mario Lubetkin (IPS) and Marcial Murciano (UAB)

Left to Right: Miguel Angel Villena (AECID), Mario Lubetkin (IPS) and Marcial Murciano (UAB)

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