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Our audiences

As a global news agency actively involved in promoting communication for development, IPS interacts with a number of different audiences. Indeed, we like to think of our work as building an information bridge linking together the following communities:




Some of our products and actions are much more relevant to one or more of our audiences, but we constantly strive to generate maximum benefit and interaction by considering how to re-edit, re-package and redirect content.

IPS and the media
Through the power of the media, IPS is able to multiply the efforts of the people, policies and initiatives featured in its reporting. Stories produced by the IPS News Service and Columnist Service are reproduced by more than 5,000 print and online media all over the world, in 138 countries. In addition, IPS radio news is sent directly to over 2,000 radio stations, networks and individual listeners. Media outlets, however, are not just our main clients ­ they are also our partners. By forging and maintaining alliances with other media organisations, IPS strives to create networks that can have a strong impact on public opinion.

IPS and civil society

Identifying itself as the “news agency of civil society”, IPS places special emphasis on its relationship and engagement with this sector. By meeting NGO information needs, reporting their campaigns, facilitating networking and being a communication channel for change, IPS contributes directly to building the capacities of this sector. Of particular importance to IPS is a focus on the South and smaller NGOs beyond the usual big names, which are rarely if ever reported upon by other media.

IPS and international institutions
International institutions, such as the United Nations and the European Union, play an extremely important role in the process of global development. IPS has always engaged international institutions in an open dialogue, acting as a voice for civil society and communities of the South, on the one hand, and providing policy analysis and reporting, on the other. The IPS TerraViva conference newspapers are a regular feature of UN conferences and the UN and EU TerraViva newsletters reach thousands of subscribers in these institutions, daily.

IPS’ important role as a vehicle of information for the international community is recognized by its General NGO consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

IPS and policy makers
IPS actively targets policy and decision-makers, because their views and actions by definition make a difference. In their day-to-day work, policy-makers must grapple with the growing complexity of a globalizing world, where even the smallest events may have important repercussions for people and communities around the globe. By providing policy-makers with up-to-date, rigorous reporting, and analysing the impact of policy decisions from the perspective of the South, IPS facilitates the formulation of sustainable policies and provisions. The TerraViva daily and weekly newsletters for policy-makers reach more than 15,319 regular subscribers.

IPS and the donor community
Market and non-market sources finance IPS, and this diversity helps to safeguard our editorial independence. IPS receives financial support in the form of grants and project-related financing from a broad group of donors, many of whom have a sustained relationship with IPS and an ongoing dialogue about the role of communication in development. With a number of these donors, IPS has forged important partnerships, often to carry out specific projects.

IPS and its readers
Last but not least, IPS would not have come such a long way without its readers’ attention and support. Thanks to our penetration of traditional media markets and the dissemination capacity afforded by new communication technologies – IPS-managed web sites collectively generate over 50 million page views per month – IPS news and analyses reach millions of people around the world every single day. Individual readers provide us with important feedback on our work and often bring to our attention issues and events that deserve further analysis. As a token of appreciation for the quality of our reporting, and more importantly to help us continue our work, some readers also provide financial support to the agency on a one-off or a regular basis.


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