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The IPS Support Group Meeting 2005

The 2005 IPS Support Group Meeting focused on communication and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Within the framework of the IPS Support Group, the Italian Directorate General for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the second edition of the "Italian Days of Cooperation" – a national communication initiative to raise awareness about development. The first day, October 27, was devoted to how Italy – with its European partners and Japan – could continue to contribute to the global achievement of the MDGs, in partnership with the South where the major challenges remain.

IPS followed this with a half-day media seminar, on the morning of October 28, offering the chance for media networks that reported actively on the MDGs and other partners to strategise together about communication challenges 2005–2015. The Millennium Campaign and civil society awareness campaigns also contributed to the seminar.

The timing of the Support Group Meeting 2005 was auspicious, since it came some six weeks after the United Nations Millennium Summit convened in New York. It was a chance to reflect on the results achieved up till 2005, the present situation, and the ten years that remained to achieve the MDGs, always with a strong focus on the communication dimension.

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