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Our Regional Structure

The regional structure of IPS reflects the need to strike a balance between global coordination, on the one hand, and local direction, implementation and execution, on the other. Our global structure is anchored by the IPS International Association, a non-profit, international non-governmental organisation (INGO), registered in Rome (Italy), where IPS’ headquarters are based. Four autonomous and locally-owned entities in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America operate within the IPS group:

IPS Africa

IPS Asia-Pacific

IPS Latin America

IPS North America

With IPS also active in these regions:

IPS in the Middle East

IPS in Europe

The IPS regional entities have a wide set of responsibilities and functions:

Together with the IPS Columnist Service, they are the founding members and partners of the IPS International News Agency
Translate a selection of stories from the IPS news service in one or more regional languages, to make content widely accessible to audiences from different countries
Market the IPS news service to regional media subscribers, in order to raise income from market sources and increase readership and dissemination
Initiate, promote and execute content-provision, capacity-building and networking and dissemination activities at the regional and local level
Organize media events for regional audiences, often in partnership with local civil society organizations, donors, policy-makers, media and other organizations
Raise financing at the regional and local level to carry out specific projects
Contribute to the definition of IPS’ overall strategy and direction as members of the global management team


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