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IPS Africa is a leading and credible source of information about Africa. IPS Africa provides media in Africa and internationally with a constant flow of news features, analyses, commentary and opinion on the major economic, social and development challenges of the continent.

The organisation is registered as a not–for profit Section 21 Company in South Africa and, together with the other IPS regional entities and the IPS Columnist Service, is part of the IPS international News Agency, a non–profit consortium registered in Rome, Italy.

IPS Africa’s uniqueness lies in its ability to capture voices from the grassroots and provide civil society with a communication platform. IPS Africa’s journalistic output is primarily available in English and French, with translations in Swahili and Portuguese.

IPS Africa reaches more than 70 newspapers and about 100 radio stations directly or in partnership with other content providers in Africa. International content providers ––, ISI Emerging markets, Africa News Dimensions, Business in Africa and others –– distribute IPS news.

IPS Africa has made significant contributions to building the capacity of journalists in a number of areas critical to the continent’s development. Capacity building often takes the form of thematic workshops and training programmes aimed at strengthening understanding of issues. It also fosters the consistent honing of journalistic skills through on–line mentoring and editorial support to writers. As a result of such initiatives, a number of journalists have won or been nominated for prestigious reporting awards on the continent and internationally.

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