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IPS currently manages 3 interregional projects funded by the European Union.

- Fostering increased support and action for the MDGs across Europe
A three year project (2010-2012) in cooperation with the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). IPS and INSP cover poverty, hunger, education, health, environment, development cooperation and other MDG issues in Least Developed Countries and the EU, and disseminate it to media in a majority of EU member states. IPS and INSP translate a selection of their news production in 10 European languages, including Czech, Hungarian and Polish. Visit the minisite or subscribe to the weekly IPS MDG newsletter

- Trading Out of Poverty?
A three year project (2010-2012) building on the successful project Trade in Africa. IPS covers trade and investment in low income countries in Sub-Sahara Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, about their trade and investment relations with the EU and about EU political, corporate and civil society initiatives in that field. Visit the minisite or subscribe to Terraviva Europe

- Progressive Abolition of the Death Penalty and Alternatives that Respect
International Human Rights Standards A two year project (2010-2011) in cooperation with Penal Reform International (PRI) . IPS writes feature articles on the issues related to the death penalty, alternatives to the death penalty and human rights implementation in criminal justice systems, focusing on Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Great Lakes Region, MENA and Souht Caucasus. IPS will also conduct training on media strategies and media related campaigns for PRI. Visit the minisite or subscribe to the Crime and Justice newsletter

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IPS Europe

IPS EUROPE has an expanding network of journalists all over Europe and in hotspots such as Iraq, Lebanon and the Middle East. IPS covers the region from: Brussels, Berlin, Bonn, Geneva, London, Paris, Rome, Belgrade, Moscow, Prague, Vienna, Istanbul, Cairo, Damascus, Jerusalem and Ramallah. The network of journalists is coordinated by Sanjay Suri , the Regional Editor based in London.

Equally significant for IPS in Europe is the network of affiliates in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. They provide IPS with material in several languages for national and international clients. A representative selection from the IPS News Service is made available in Dutch , Finnish , German , and Swedish .

Institutional donors

IPS relies on grants and project financing for a broad range of activities. If you are an institutional donor and you wish to learn more about supporting IPS, please visit the our financing and our projects pages.


Friends of IPS

Friends of IPS is a special group of supporters who share IPS' vision and wish to be actively involved in promoting the mission IPS has been pursuing for more than 40 years. If you wish to know more about joining the Friends of IPS club, please contact the IPS headquarters.

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