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IPS has had a strong presence in Latin America for more than 40 years. The IPS Latin America regional centre has been based in Montevideo, Uruguay, since 1994. Activities are governed by IPS–Inter Press Service (America Latina), an international NGO, based in Uruguay, established in 1996.

News service

IPS Latin America, along with the other IPS regional entities and the IPS Columnist Service , is a founding member of the IPS International News Agency . It translates the IPS news service coming from other regions from English into Spanish. It also manages and coordinates the IPS news site in Spanish , the IPS Latin America website , and the Portuguese news site , which all host a selection of stories from the international news service. The translation of stories from Spanish into English is also coordinated from Montevideo.

In addition, Agency technical and administrative teams work from the IPS offices in Montevideo.


Tierramérica, the main communications platform about environment and sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean, is a cooperative project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank, with IPS Latin America serving as the executive agency. Outputs include: a weekly “Tierramérica page” published in 22 newspapers in 12 countries; an interactive web site at; a weekly radio programme broadcast by community, commercial and cultural stations; news bulletins to thousands of development and environment policy and decision-makers; CDs, books and theme-specific publications. in 2008 Tierramerica won the Zayed Prize in the category of Environmental Action Leading to Positive Change in Society.


A selection of IPS’ news production is adapted to radio format, and broadcast in 10–minute weekly radio programs in both Spanish and Portuguese . These broadcasts are uploaded to the IPS Latin America websites and distributed to more than 2,000 cultural, community, educational, and commercial radio stations within the region. Another seven–minute weekly program, focused on sustainable development and environmental issues, is broadcast in Spanish , within the framework of the Tierramérica project.

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