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Ever since its inception, IPS has gained broad recognition among international organisations, policy makers and civil society as a global news agency committed to editorial independence, integrity of reporting and a clear focus on development issues. Our work has supported and inspired institutions and individuals alike in bringing about positive change and fostering dialogue and cooperation. There is no better credit for our efforts than the words of the many people who have come to value our work over those many years.

  • “IPS is living proof that miracles exist, assuming that they are human. This miracle is the fruit of the human obstinacy of seamen that traverse enemy waters, day after day, opening the way for honest information and free opinion.” Eduardo Galeano, Writer (2011).
  • “Some accuse IPS of conceiving journalism as a new humanism. They are not wrong. Because the human being, with its abandonment, fragility and hopes, is at the core of IPS’s concerns.” Ignacio Ramonet, Journalist (2011).
  • “Organisations like IPS have a rich experience and a deep knowledge of the relationship between information and development. IPS has also been focusing its activity on the empowerment of local networks and the transference of expertise to and the training of people in developing communities.” José Ramos-Horta, President of East Timor and 1996 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2011).
  • “It is said that information is power, and IPS knows that the best for freedom is that this power should be shared.” Óscar Arias Sánchez, Former President of Costa Rica (2011).
  • “I have followed IPS’s reporting for three decades, and worked with them at close quarters during my media-related assignments at the U.N. I have found IPS an excellent source of news and insight about the developing world, covering stories that the world’s dominant media outlets too often ignore.” Shashi Tharoor, Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, former U.N. Under-Secretary General (2009).
  • “IPS has brought greater pluralism and diversity to the international press. IPS is more than ever crucial in the creation of South-South dialogues and alternatives to the existing alliances.” Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, former President of Brazil (2008).
  • “What we like about IPS news is that they provide alternative information – information from people whose voices are usually not reflected in mainstream news. Futher the news is often indepth in information as well as in its analysis.” Morung Express, India, from IPS User Survey (2007)
  • “I am convinced that I could not have attained even half of what this IPS International Achievement Award ascribes to me if it weren’t for the power of the press, and organisations like IPS in particular, to convey not only the U.N.’s exhaustively documented shortcomings, but also report on the organisation’s invaluable and transformative work.” Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General, upon accepting the 2006 IPS International Achievement Award (Dec. 2006)

Positive feedback on our work also flows daily to our editors’ desks through the Letters to the Editor service. Our readers’ support – as well as constructive criticism – provides us an invaluable stimulus to keep growing in what we do. Below is a selection of the most significant comments made in recent months.

  • “We will know we’ve succeeded when every magazine asks of every news story, as IPS Gender Wire does, What does this mean for women and girls?” Ruth Rosen, History professor at Berkeley, Columnist for the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle
  • “I’m subscribing to the IPS gender wire. With every new edition I am really happy that somebody invented this wonderful format: stories from all over the world, that you wont’t find anywhere else in this way, comments and thoughts form persons, who are working far away but share the same views and problems I have. It’s a real enrichment!” Ute Scheub, German feminist and co-founder of the left-alternative German newspaper ‘TAZ’
  • “thanks for all of your great pieces on our climate site… they’ve been a superb contribution” Reuters AlertNet Editor
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