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Global themes

As part of its mission to "give a voice to the voiceless", the IPS news agency offers daily independent news about all aspects of "development" – political, social, cultural and economic – always with a Southern perspective. Within its editorial production , capacity–building and dissemination activities, as well as within its projects , IPS gives priority to six specific global themes.

These themes are neither static, nor mutually exclusive. They evolve over time, and take on new meaning. As some issues gain prominence, others may fade into the background. All of them, however, are absolutely central to the process of development, and represent the core of what IPS is and does in its day–to–day activities. In other words, our global themes provide a unifying framework and a way of prioritising our work. Our themes ensure that our approach and outputs are consistent, wherever we are – from Alaska to Zimbabwe.

Our choice of themes is determined as we listen to the concerns and preoccupations of our stakeholders, all over the world, year in and year out. The IPS Annual Meetings provide an opportunity to fine–tune our themes. With seemingly un–limited needs and opportunities for work, but limited resources, it is very important for IPS to be able to prioritise.

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