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The World’s New Superpower: Civil Society

“The growth of civil society has been one of the most significant trends in international development ” (The World Bank). Thanks to the greater ease of global communications brought about by the ICT revolution, civil society and social movements have increased their role and relevance, seeking new ways of cooperating together and creating synergies and opportunities for participation. At the international, regional and national levels, NGOs and other civil society actors have important perspectives to contribute on development. Such organisations are an access point to a committed and important group of citizens with influence, and can also be an entry point to reaching the poor.

Positioning itself as the news agency of civil society , IPS places special emphasis on its relationship and engagement with this sector, which represents one of its key audiences. IPS is committed to reflecting the viewpoints of NGOs and other civil society organisations, and to meeting their information needs. Moreover, by leveraging its relationships with international institutions and decision–makers around the world, IPS acts as a global communication channel that facilitates networking and brings about change – not least in the South, and amongst the smaller NGOs beyond usual big names, which are rarely if ever reported upon by other media.

Alliances and partnerships with civil society organisations have been undertaken in the fields of news and content provision, capacity building, and dissemination and networking. Most IPS global and regional projects are carried out with civil society partners.

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