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March 22nd, 2011


Dear IPS Reader,

In the past months, the world has been witnessing a series of events in North Africa and the Middle East that are reshaping the region and resonating globally. As I write today,donate11 attention is focused on Libya and Bahrain. IPS News Agency is able to count on its network of local journalists expertly covering developments, providing valuable context and presenting unique frontline analysis of the volatile situation. IPS is publishing stories from writers like Emad Mekay (Egypt), Mohammed Omer (Gaza), Kaci Racelma (Algeria/Tunisia), Mike Elkin (Libya) and Suad Hamada (Bahrain) in many languages around the globe. In addition our broadcast news partner Al Jazeera, the authoritative source of information in the region, is bringing our work to its audience.

Many news providers have left Egypt and Tunisia, turning their attention just to the breaking crises. IPS, which has long been covering the fundamental fault lines in the Arabic world, is still there. IPS journalists have the continuing mission to cover the less spectacular but fundamental processes of development, the efforts to tackle the legacy of the old dictatorships, and uncover the levers of change.

IPS wants to keep raising the voices of Tunisian and Egyptian, among other Arab youth, women, human rights defenders and social activists that sparked this revolution. These voices need to be heard if we are to ensure that this historic opportunity for change does not vanish, and that innovative ideas and interests are taken into account both locally and in the international community.

donate2We need your help to raise these voices of the often voiceless. Please support us to strengthen our network in the Arab world. Help us to translate more of our stories into Arabic, French, Spanish and more than 20 other languages. Help us to keep investing in local journalists who understand what is happening beneath the surface and who have the time and context to investigate which way governments, business interests and people are heading. IPS is a non-profit, independent news agency. We rely totally on donations such as yours, public grants, and subscriptions from media outlets to finance our work. Even with a small gift, you can make a difference in international journalism. Please support our coverage of the historic changes in the Arab world.


Thank you for your support.



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