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June 20th, 2006

IPS has been in the top five news stories selected by the UN Wire since the end of May, in two occasions it was the first most clicked by readers.

Here are the rankings for May 26, June 6 nd June 12.

24 May
UN lists top-10 underreported stories (Inter Press Service News Agency)
Paper goes RED to tackle AIDS (The Independent (London)
Ten stories the world should hear more about (UN Foundation)
Security Council unanimously approves Darfur resolution (International Herald Tribune)
Analysis: Picking UN chief a tough process (BBC)

6 June
UN report details global AIDS fight (The Christian Science Monitor)
Malloch Brown: Crucial UN divide gets resolved (Inter Press Service News Agency)
Women could hold key to end desert growth (Reuters)
Commentary: China key to picking next UN chief (The Christian Science Monitor)
The changing face of climate change (USA TODAY)

12 June
Groups urge U.S. to help avoid UN budget crisis (Inter Press Service News Agency)
UN operations said at risk from budget woes (
Malloch Brown: U.S. lack of support hurts UN (The New York Times)
In Afghanistan, birth a dangerous miracle (The Washington Post)
Bolton: Top aides should exit with Annan (The New York Sun)

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