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June 17th, 2010

care2ipsIPS and Care2 have joined forces to bring online campaigns from leading nonprofit advocacy organizations to readers on IPS news sites. Care2 is a social action network of more than 13 million members committed to making a difference. More than 500 NGO partners including Oxfam America, Greenpeace and Habitat for Humanity target Care2’s activist-minded community to take actions such as signing petitions, sending letters to decision-makers and “clicking” to generate donations to good causes.

By featuring Care2’s “Take Action” campaigns, which are sponsored by leading nonprofit organizations, IPS will tap into a new source of revenue for its independent news production, while giving its readership the chance to act on issues related directly to our progressive news agenda. Protecting our integrity and editorial independence is vital for IPS and our policy on accepting takeactionadvertising is explained here.

IPS in North America and Care2 are both members of The Media Consortium, and this partnership came about through contacts established at the Consortium members’ meeting earlier this year. The Media Consortium is a network of leading independent journalism organizations in the United States of America that makes connections, builds infrastructure and amplifies the voice of independent media.

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