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December 7th, 2009

terraviva_ips_cop15Will the climate change summit taking place Dec. 7-18 in Copenhagen make deals that are fair, ambitious and binding? IPS news agency has mobilised a team of journalists, drawn largely from Africa, Asia and Latin America, to go to Copenhagen and find out. IPS’ independent TerraViva newspaper will produce the latest news on the conference every day in English, Spanish and French, complete with photos, videos and other multimedia content.

IPS is using new media and social networking to maximise the visibility of the TerraViva. Readers can subscribe to our daily email newsletter, follow TerraViva on Twitter @ipscop15 and on Facebook or use the RSS feed for headlines updated in realtime. The daily PDF newsletter can be downloaded here.

Led by IPS Latin America the IPS TerraViva team in Copenhagen is editors Terna Gyuse (South Africa) and Raul Pierri (Uruguay), lead writer Stephen Leahy (Canada), writers Rajiv Fernando (Sri Lanka), Daniela Estrada (Chile), Claudia Ciobanu (Romania), Nasseem Ackbarally (Mauritius), Mantoe Phakathi (Swaziland), Joshua Kyalimpa (Uganda), Servaas van den Bosch (Namibia) and Enrique Gili (United States) and Ana Libisch (Uruguay) the team photographer and videographer. Darryl D’Monte (India), the president of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists is also contributing to the paper.

Diana Cariboni is the editor-in-charge working from Montevideo, supported by all the IPS regional editors, the head of translation Stephanie Wildes and the IPS technical teams in Montevideo and Rome. To contact the IPS TerraViva team in Copenhagen write to them at

IPS received valuable support for the TerraViva in Copenhagen from COMplus, the sustainable development communications alliance, the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) and the MDG3 Fund of the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

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